Creating value investing in industrial property throughout infill Southern California.

Entrepreneurs focused on delivering superior, consistent shareholder returns.

Decades of experience, well-capitalized as a public REIT (NYSE: "REXR").

Our Focus

Southern California is not just where we’re located—it’s a critical part of our business strategy.

If it were its own country, Southern California would be one of the largest economies in the world and is the nation’s largest regional economy. Measured by square feet, the Southern California industrial market would be the fourth largest global market, lagging in size only to the entire countries of the U.S.A., China and Japan. Within the United States, the SoCal industrial property market represents about the same economic value as the next four to five largest U.S. markets combined. More specifically, we focus on SoCal high-barrier submarkets located in and among our massive, growing population centers - we call these “infill” markets.

Why Infill Southern California?

  • Scarce supply, high demand

    Scarce, diminishing supply in the face of strong, growing tenant demand results in an ongoing supply-demand imbalance that is intensifying over time as industrial property is increasingly being converted to other, non-industrial uses.
  • High barrier sub-markets

    Virtually no threat of new competition. Fully built-out and surrounded by mountains, ocean and dense population centers, our infill industrial market can not increase in size. Very high land and development costs further preclude development of for-lease product.
  • Huge market, strongest fundamentals

    At 1.8 billion square feet, the SoCal infill market is the nation's largest, most sought-after industrial market. Occupancy and value lead the nation with rental rates that are more than 60% higher than the average of the next ten largest markets.
  • Value-creation

    With over a billion square feet of vintage buildings in the region’s best locations, we pursue a nearly limitless well of opportunities to increase cash flow and value by enhancing product functionality, marketability and performance.

Our strategy for success

We differentiate ourselves with the extra work to create and execute on exceptional investment opportunities...

Board of Directors

Experience. Dedication. Judgement.

  • Howard Schwimmer

    Co-Chief Executive Office and Director

  • Michael S. Frankel

    Co-Chief Executive Office and Director

  • Richard Ziman


  • Robert L. Antin


  • Diana J. Ingram


  • Tyler H. Rose


  • Angela Kleiman


  • Debra Morris



Creating Value.

Committed to creating value for our customers, shareholders, employees and our broader communities, our work generates significant economic, environmental and social benefits. We like to recycle and improve existing buildings, which optimizes environmental impact, contributes toward urban renewal, business growth and the creation of essential, sustainable jobs.
Sustainability Report

David Lanzer

General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mr. Lanzer has served as our General Counsel since March 2016. He oversees the provision of all legal services for Rexford Industrial. In addition, Mr. Lanzer serves as the secretary to the Rexford Industrial board of directors. From January 2010 to March 2016, Mr. Lanzer served as First Vice President and Senior Counsel of Prologis, Inc. (NYSE: PLD), the world’s largest industrial real estate investment trust. While at Prologis he provided legal counsel for the U.S. Southwest and Northwest regions, which encompassed over 125 million square feet, Singapore and Brazil. Prior to Prologis, from December 2002 to January 2009, Mr. Lanzer served as Vice President and Deputy General Counsel and a Market Officer at Lauth Group, Inc., a privately held, national development and construction firm that has developed in excess of $3 billion of industrial, office, retail and healthcare projects across the United States. Mr. Lanzer began his legal career as an attorney with the Indianapolis law firm of Wooden & McLaughlin LLP. Mr. Lanzer obtained his Bachelor of Arts, with distinction, in Political Science at Purdue University, West Lafayette, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence at Indiana University, Bloomington. Prior to attending Purdue, Mr. Lanzer joined the military at age 17, where he was the honor graduate of the Fort Campbell stinger missile program and an infantryman at Fort Benning, serving 5 years while being awarded the National Defense Medal and the Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal. Mr. Lanzer brings to the Company 23 years of real estate and legal experience.