Delivering Value-Add Impact Through Our Differentiated Business Model

Best-in-class environmental and social standards are integral to our DNA and value-creation mission. Our highly-focused business strategy cultivates deep collaboration made great by the diversity of our team.

Our Mission

Reinvent the business of industrial real estate by optimizing positive impacts for the environment and our communities, tenants, employees and shareholders. At Rexford, value encompasses economic, environmental and social benefits. 

Our Vision

Build upon our enduring competitive advantage by investing in our team, innovation, our communities and the environment.

Our Core Values

Our values drive everything we do.

Learn more about the core values that define our company.


Strategic Priorities for Long-Term Success

Our interconnected strategic priorities integrate ESG factors into every decision we make.


Value-add property repositioning, recycling and renovation

Our property-level work and recycling of industrial buildings drive dramatic environmental, social and community benefits, in part driven by the substantial reductions in carbon footprint achieved through our value-creation strategies.


Community welfare

Rexford's differentiated business model breathes new life into infill communities - further amplified by our proactive tenant and community engagement.


Culture of respect and excellence

The Rexford way is built upon mutual-respect, with employees empowered to learn, collaborate, contribute and innovate. We live by the highest ethical standards in our pursuit of excellence.

Quantifying Our Impact

The environmental and social benefits projected through execution of our business strategy yields an estimated NPV of approximately

$2.1 billion

and is expected to increase over time as we capitalize upon our substantial growth opportunities.

Our Goals

Rexford grew dramatically in 2020 as a business and in our ESG commitments. We have set goals to address material ESG opportunities and to amplify the results of our ESG priorities.


  • Climate Change (energy management & green buildings)
  • Environmental Impact Management


  • Community Impact and Engagement
  • Tenant satisfaction and engagement
  • Human Capital Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion


  • Governance and Ethics
  • Executive Compensation
  • Business Continuity Planning

Download Rexford's ESG Report

Download Rexford's Green Bond Framework