Exclusive Focus on Southern California Industrial Property
Rexford's Corporate Mission:
Generate superior risk-adjusted returns through value-driven industrial real estate investments
focused on industrial markets demonstrating favorable long-term tenant demand fundamentals.
Conservative, Entrepreneurial Philosophy Driven By a Focus On:
  • Southern California markets, as local industrial property experts;
  • Infill markets demonstrating superior long-term tenant demand and diversity amid increasing population, consumption and related demand trends;
  • Supply constrained, high-barrier markets, where supply is often diminishing as developers convert existing industrial property to alternative uses such as residential, retail and office;
  • Generic-use industrial space that appeals to an exceptionally broad range of tenant types, uses and industries while minimizing re-tenanting costs and time-frames;
  • Opportunities to increase the cash-flow generating capability of the real estate.

Why infill Southern California?

  • The largest, most fragmented industrial market in the nation, comprised of approximately two billion square feet;
  • Consistently demonstrates the lowest vacancy and highest rental rates of any national market over time;
  • Supply constraints, scarcity of developable land and lease rates that don't justify new construction combine to limit the introduction of competing property for lease;
  • Rental income generated by a stable tenant base that is relatively predictable over time; and,
  • A vast, complex market that is not easily accessed by less-focused or less experienced investors.

Doing Good While Doing Well

Rexford's focus on enhancing, re-developing and professionally managing infill industrial property is good for the environment. As a recycler of urban buildings, Rexford contributes to improved health and welfare of local communities at a substantially reduced environmental impact or carbon footprint as compared to demolition, disposal and new ground-up construction.

Rexford believes that community development is essential to the overall success of our business and the long-term sustainability and well-being of our communities. Rexford's primary focus on improving or re-developing existing industrial properties located in urban infill markets helps local communities achieve improved safety while creating and preserving essential jobs for people of all skill levels.

Rexford is thankful to the many private and public entities and relationships that make this work possible.