Rexford Industrial views its long-term broker relationships or “partnerships” as one of its most precious assets. The company’s broker loyalty and incentives are second to none, designed to deliver unprecedented value to brokers through their relationship with Rexford.

Broker Loyalty
Rexford believes that broker loyalty is defined by:
  • An exceptional level of responsiveness;
  • A commitment to do what Rexford promises, always;
  • Flawless, rapid execution of transactions;
  • A demonstrated ability to help catalyze and create new transaction opportunities;
  • Protection of brokers’ interests, and;
  • Reciprocity, providing transacting brokers with the opportunity for leasing and disposition business on acquired properties.

Broker Incentives

Incentives above and beyond standard commissions are offered to brokers that procure investments for Rexford as a "thank-you" for contributions towards Rexford's growth and success. Please inquire with one of Rexford's acquisitions professionals to learn of incentives currently being offered.